Chapter 3 [1939 - 1963]

Americans bearing cola, polar bears in Queensland and a brand new bottle.

1940 - 1943

yanks invent rum and coke.  no, really.

Visiting US soldiers enjoy plenty of rum while in Queensland during WWII, but they also have a peculiar penchant for mixing it with cola. The Bundaberg team notice, and soon begin bottling Bundy and Cola, one of the world’s first mixed drinks. How’s that for innovation?!


let's get scientific.

Bundy decide to up the ante and hire themselves proper scientists. Up until this point, they’ve been using the same method they first coined in 1888. From refining the yeast strain to refining the molasses clarifying process, Bundy’s passion starts becoming more technical.


how much for a name?

Up until the ‘60s, Bundy Rum is still sold in barrels, with agents putting their own label on it. In 1953, they take their first steps towards cementing the brand, running a radio competition for the best slogan. In the meantime, the agency organising it has secretly pre-registered the name ‘Bundy Rum’, which they sell back to their client for a considerable profit.


yellow labels, suave bottles and the pm's brother.

The business end of the Bundaberg Rum brand is tied up with Sam McMahon, the gifted marketer and brother of future Australian PM, William. Good old Sam is responsible for some of Bundy’s most iconic features, from the square bottle to the polar bear that adorns each label and is the brand’s mascot. McMahon actually means ‘Son Of Bear’ in Irish. You can have that one for free.