Chapter 4 [1964 - 1988]

Tasting panels and not-so-mad scientists.


now hiring: the best job in the world

Bundaberg Rum appoints its first tasting panel, which consists of eighteen experts who taste the rum for consistency, a process still in place today. If this sounds like heaven, that’s because it is.


bringing the goods home

After years of letting other distributors bottle their product, Bundaberg brings everything in house. All rum is bottled by the Bundaberg Distilling Company and now proudly bears McMahon’s label and the iconic bear. Somewhere, the guy who sells us empty bottles is silently counting his millions.


put it all on black

Remember those scientists and taste testers we told you about? They come up with the first of their many brilliant schemes, which involves setting aside a vat of Bundaberg Rum for a decade of maturation. In 1995, they’ll sell it as the premium, limited edition Bundaberg Black and fans will go wild. Trust us on that one.


100 years means cocktail time

To celebrate the centenary of their fine liquid, the Bundaberg Distillery holds its first ‘Famous Aussie Spirit’ cocktail competition, using their famous Royal Liqueur blend, famed for its rich coffee and chocolate flavour. Some better suggestions include the Rumming Bear and Bundy Bombshell. Good puns, it seems, only get better with age.