Chapter 5 [1989 - 2014]

Innovation, MDC and our Road to Recovery.


twas a dark and stormy night ...

Yet another genius at the distillery decides to mix two of Bundaberg’s most famous products- rum and ginger beer - into one bottle. It’s very popular, that one and it’s called Dark & Stormy. Did we mention the distillery is full of geniuses?


seeing red

Bundaberg Red lands. Filtered through Red Gum for extra smoothness, it’s a game-changer in Australia and will account for 15% of the market in just two years. You could almost say it’s red hot, but that would just be a bad pun.


master distillers' collective arise

Bundaberg takes taste very seriously, and by the mid nineties, they are already employing a group of master distillers. In the dead of night, they decide to form a collective, and MDC is their first legacy; a top-shelf, limited release rum that continues to cast spells over rum lovers worldwide.


road to recovery

Queensland is hit by the second devastating flood in three years. Road To Recovery is Bundy Rum’s way of helping their community back onto their feet, with limited edition bottles that can only be purchased at the fundraising event in Bundy. Each bottle bears the name of a flood-affected street, and sales raise over $250,000 for flood relief.

This follows on from the Watermark campaign, which helped raise funds for the first Queensland floods in 2011.


age ain't nothing but a number

Bundaberg Rum celebrates its 125th with a special anniversary bottle and keeps producing the rum Australians know and love. They also clock a record 250,000 fans on Facebook, because you can teach this old dog new tricks.