At Bundaberg Rum we believe the Australian spirit is something to be proud of.

The same spirit that in 1888 started our story, bringing a couple of mates together to start an ingenious (and delicious) way to use up excess molasses from sugar production to form the Bundaberg Distillery Company to make rum.

It’s our unmistakable spirit of always being there for your mates, remaining optimistic in the face of adversity and having a crack even when all the odds are stacked against you. This is what sets us apart from the rest of the world, and unites us all as Australians.

We are proudly made in Australia from the finest sugar cane grown in the rich volcanic soil of tropical QLD. This is what makes our rum so distinctive in flavour and unique in character. Nothing else in the world tastes like Bundaberg Rum.

That’s why we believe that all Australians should unite and celebrate our uniqueness and the best of the Australian spirit. Why not see for yourself and pick up a bottle of your local store.  

Hear more from our Distillery team of what makes Bundaberg Rum so special.