Bundaberg Alcoholic Lemon Squash 4 Pack 375mL

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Bundaberg Alcoholic Lemon Squash is a real-tasting, full-flavoured 
take on the non-alc pub classic made by locals with local ingredients. 


Palate: Bringing fresh delicious citrus together with local Bundaberg cane 
spirit and to create the perfectly balanced, refreshing lemon squash 
flavour kick that Aussies love.

Serve Suggestion: A rewarding treat that requires no effort beyond adding ice and a slice 
of lemon for a real zesty citrus flavour with a refreshing taste.

More Information
Manufacturer Bundaberg Distilling Company
Alcohol Percentage 4.0%
Standard Drinks 1.2 approx.
Liquor Style Premix
Volume 375ML x 4
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